Family Dinners

                                                         Served with Steam Rice, Fried Rice

                                               Hot Sour Soup or Egg Flower Soup or Wonton Soup


                    [A]  $8.95                                                                                    [B] $9.30

            one choice per person                                                                  one choice per person

          Appetizers: Egg roll and                                                              Appetizers: Egg roll and

               Cheese Wonton                                                                         Cheese Wonton


              Sweet & Sour Pork                                                                       Lemon Chicken

              Cashew Chicken                                                                           Beef Snow Peas

              Broccoli   Beef                                                                        *   Chicken Garlic Sauce

              Pork Chow Mein                                                                          Pork with Broccoli

         *   Szechuan Chicken                                                                        Sweet & Sour Shrimp

              Pork with Vegetable                                                                     Shrimp Broccoli

              Chicken Chew Mein                                                                     Shrimp lobster Sauce

              Deluxe Vegetables                                                                        Vegetable Bean Curd

              Pepper Beef                                                                                 Snow Peas Mushroom

        *    Curry Beef                                                                                   Beef with mushroom

              Almond Chicken                                                                     *   Orange Beef     

        *    Szechuan Pork                                                                            Chicken Broccoli

              Broccoli Bean Curd                                                                     Shrimp with Vegetable

             Mushroom Chicken                                                                      House Chow Mein

             Chicken Vegetables                                                                      Shrimp Chow Mein

        *    Szechuan Bean Curd                                                                   Ginger Beef

        *    Kung Pao Chow Mein                                                          *     Mongolian Meef

              Beef Chow Mein                                                                         Shrimp Cashew Nuts

              Sweet & Sour Chicken                                                                Shimp Show Peas

              Vegetable Chow mein                                                           *     Szechuan Shrimp

              Smow Peas Chicken                                                             *     Mandarin Chicken

       *     Szechuan Beef                                                                             Sesame Chicken

                                                                 * Hot & Spice

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